The SIC formulates a statement of charges against the Colombian soccer federation, senior managers, and others, for violation of free economic competition.
After several months of investigations, the SIC formulates a statement of charges against the Colombian Football Federation, several directors of it, TICKETSHOP and TICKETYA, for the diversion of tickets for reasons of resale in the elimination matches of the Russia 2018 World Cup in Barranquilla. According to the investigation, there was a directing of the box office operation contract by the FCF to TICKETSHOP, which was awarded without taking into account the conditions of the specifications, since its proposal would only allow a return on investment, if there were an average of 80% occupancy in all parties. It was evident that these contractors would make a massive resale in the operation.

The Superintendency indicates that it was established that TICKETSHOP diverted more than 42 thousand tickets for resale, which were delivered to TICKETYA for sale, with the knowledge of the FCF, at prices up to 350% higher than the box office, which generated revenue of approximately $ 21,800,000,000, and a profit of $ 13,000,000,000. Sanctions include fines of up to 100,000 SMLMV, against which no appeal is applicable.